Equity and anti-oppression

Examining inequities, anti-racism and systemic barriers within any organization is both rewarding and challenging. Any undertaking of equity, diversity, and inclusion work can challenge the core belief systems that many individuals have about themselves and the society they know, and awaken a wide range of emotions within an organization. However, successful Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work of any kind must be undertaken with the right approach that can lead to impactful and long-lasting change, that benefits all employees.

Most importantly, we work from the frameworks of anti-oppression and anti-Black racism.

A reflexive practice approach:

How we engage with EDI work:

At KAMA Consulting, we anchor all EDI services in reflexive practice. We meet teams where they are at. Encourage everyone to acknowledge intersectional identities and areas of privilege in those intersections, enabling them to critically evaluate their own social location and socialization.

How we engage with EDI work:

We call in and prepare for difficult conversations. We take an Africentric approach, calling on ancestors to set the tone and stage for truth-telling. We ask everyone to consider their intersectional identity and the social location from which they are engaging in equity work and conversations. We acknowledge settings and oppression that has taken place while emphasizing the importance of striving for honesty and authenticity through identified group agreements.


We believe that context is critical. We provide historical and empirical context for the conversation. Providing learners with a responsive way into sharing experiences, while being mindful of the sanctity of sharing these experiences.

  • Organizational Equity Framework Development
  • Equitable recruitment and hiring
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshops, Training, and coaching
Other services

Additional Services

Trauma-Informed Staff Engagement

  • Has your organization created safe places for your racialized, Indigenous, or Black staff?
  • Do you know how racialized staff are experiencing your workplace?
  • Have racialized, Indigenous or Black staff ever been brought together to discuss their experiences within the workplace, what they feel could be changed, or simply to build community with affinity groups?

KAMA Consulting provides culturally responsive and trauma-informed workshops culminating in fulsome reports for organizations to learn more about the experiences of their Black and racialized staff.

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A reflexive practice approach:

Non- Profit Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is your organization's road map to success. It helps you define your organizational goals, refine your organization's core mission and create benchmarks to help each member of your company and team understand their role in achieving organizational objectives.

KAMA Communications provides comprehensive strategic planning packages, designed to fit your needs. As with everything we do, we prioritize and centre the frameworks of anti-Black racism and anti-oppression to achieve an equitable and inclusive strategic plan for your organization.